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What is BRAVE?

Brave is an open source web browser based on Chromium, created by the company Brave Software, founded by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.2 It is a browser with ability to block ads and crawlers online and says protect the privacy of its users by sharing Less data with your advertisers. Until 2017 it was in beta development mode for MacOS, GNU / Linux and Windows systems, and a stable mobile version for iOS and Android systems.4, The first stable version is currently available for most operating systems. By default it uses StartPage search engines, Yandex Search, among others. BRAVE rewards are paid in the BAT own token.

Maximum privacy

Brave blocks online ads and crawlers, preventing companies like Google from collecting our data and then He makes a profit selling them to the highest bidder, to invade us of publicity.

Browse 2x faster

Brave blocks online ads and crawlers, which allows a better experience when surfing the internet, without ads and without spiders collecting data Our favorite sites will load much faster.

Pay to use it

BRAVE is the browser that pays the best for using it without forcing our machines with cryptocurrency mining, so it becomes an excellent option to earn money.

How do I register?

Initially we must go to the link below, once the site is loaded we must download and install the BRAVE browser.

Once this is done, we must go to the Brave rewards section and activate them, with this we will be shown quality advertising based on our interests and the best thing is that they pay us to see it !. You will also need an uphold account where you will receive your payments every month, if you do not have an uphold account you must create one (it is free) and verify it so that the rewards are sent to you.

Remember you should do nothing more than use the browser as you currently do with Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

To deepen the theme of this browser and be able to show you more clearly everything you can earn; or if you have any questions, I recommend you see the following tutorial:


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