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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized open source platform that allows the creation of smart contract agreements between peers, based on the blockchain model Any developer can create and publish distributed applications that make smart contracts. Ethereum also provides a cryptocurrency token called ether. You can exchange ether between different accounts and it is also used to compensate the participating nodes for the calculations made. The software developer Vitalik Buterin, proposed to integrate a complete Turing language into the Bitcoin scripting system as a protocol improvement, although the concept is an original idea of ​​Sergio Demian Lerner that develops in his thesis3. Its development was achieved thanks to a collective financing platform, from July to August 2014. The system was finally released on July 30, 2015. After a fork in the blockchain in July 2016, there are two active Ethereum lines: Ethereum and Classic Ethereum.

Economic growth

Since the arrival of Bitcoin, large numbers of cryptocurrency projects have emerged from which                          most have not sustained themselves over time and end up failing. Ethereum is a very solid project with excellent capitalization .


One of the main characteristics of cryptocurrencies is total decentralization, this means that There is no banking intervention in the production and / or recovery of these assets.

Easy to market

Ethereum is currently listed in several exchanges where you can exchange for dollars, bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.

How do I register?

Initially we must go to the link below, once the site is loaded we fill in the data With our information: Mail, Password, Ethereum Address (remember to place a strong password and that you can remember easily), it is very important that the email be valid for account confirmation and authorization of withdrawals, The address of Ethereum can be placed later from the "profile" section.

Once we have registered, our account will be ready to start claiming whose process corresponds only to completing the captcha and pressing the green "Roll Number" button.

Remember that you must enter the faucet every 60 minutes and claim, the amount won depends on the number that comes out when we roll, the table delivers from the smallest fraction to the jackpot with the number 10000 which gives us as a prize $ 200 in Ethereum.

In the same way although most of the time the faucet delivers the lower reward, it adds up and after 15 days we would have the minimum withdrawal. * Claiming every hour during the day at least 15 times per day.

You can also participate in the daily interest paid by the faucet pot to maintain your balance, this faucet is giving an annual interest of 6% on the balance you have available in your account, you can deposit some Ethereum in the deposit section and start to receive daily interest, you can also withdraw your money at any time you want.

To deepen the theme of this faucet and to teach you everything that can be obtained by working on it; or if you have any questions, I recommend you see the following tutorial:


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