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BOSSTRADER is a software to trade with cryptocurrencies, which has the ability to perform technical analysis , and execute real-time operations in more than 5 exchanges. The BOSSTRADER is able to create its own trading signals by calculating each operation based on its 17 different indicators and applying more of its 27 strategies .

The BOSSTRADER business was born in the year of 2017, when after trying to do automatic trading we notice that All the software available in the market produced profits only when stock market conditions were favorable; otherwise they only produced losses. After further research on how to implement an automatic system which will be able to operate in the market as a professional trader obtaining real and significant profits to make it available to interested parties we start to make the base of the initial code of the bosstrader ..

Our business consists in giving the user the possibility of having a professional trader at his disposal which will be able to operate in the cryptocurrency stock market and be able to make a profit and learn not to commit errors, in this way the promise of value is given in the profits that can be obtained using the bosstrader.

The BOSSTRADER can be installed in a VPS and have it working 24/7 for you, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge of trading or programming to make it work.

Automatic Processes

The BOSSTRADER will help your account grow, performing successful operations and delivering reports on them, In addition to the immediate profit that is obtained, you also earn the capitalization of your balance in BITCOIN.


Since the idea was born in 2017, the BOSSTRADER has been financed with contributions from people who want own the best automatic trading system in the world, and we will achieve it with your support.

Open source

The BOSSTRADER is developed using the latest in web development, with the nodejs engine using the best resources of NPM , thus achieving great performance.

How does automatic trading work?

Automatic trading is the process by which a BOT (artificial intelligence) is allowed to carry out trading operations in a specific broker or exchange, In our case, artificial intelligence comes from the BOSSTRADER engine, which performs powerful mathematical calculations to obtain its trading signals, being able to predict market behavior. as a professional trader would do.

The BOSSTRADER, works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest being driven by its asynchronous brain and its complements written in Javascript, all mounted in a LINUX-UBUNTU environment, guaranteeing a great performance in its technical analysis, and in its operations.

Here the most noticeable advantages of using the BOSSTRADER

  • When using the BOSSTRADER, the user will not have to spend hours sitting in front of a screen performing signal calculations to operate .
  • The user will not have to go through the psychological anguish generated by the trader profession
  • The user can use his time to do other activities of his choice.
  • The risk of operating on your own is significantly reduced since in order to trade you want years of training, study and even then you may be more likely to make mistakes for the same psychology.
  • The user will avoid falling into the hands of scammers offering trading signals that in most cases are not met , trading courses and memberships where the only ones who profit are those who sell these systems.

So that people can see what the bosstrader can do so far we have enabled a server with a test bot you can see it Clicking here , to enter you must use the following data; email: [email protected] and password: test

With this we seek to gain the trust of people to be able to finish this wonderful project that will benefit all who use it.


Support our project

This is the opportunity to have the best automatic trading system, we have your support and those who want to see this project become a reality, You can also be part of the team with a small contribution, which will be reflected in benefits for you.

What are you waiting for? Book your license now and receive all the benefits that are related in the business documents, you can also help by sharing in facebook groups this information.

For more information about benefits, conditions and limitations, we invite you to read the terms and conditions for the financing campaign, Referral program, reseller plan, commissions and license reservation.

Benefits of booking a license now:

Contribution in USD Benefits
Time license Available licences Renewal Re-Seller Plan % discount
150 - 200 12 months 100 Licences Monthly after expiration 20%
201 - 300 36 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 25%
301 - 400 48 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 30%
401 - 500 60 months 30 Licences Monthly after expiration 35%
501 - 649 72 months 40 Licences Monthly after expiration 40%
>=650 Life time 50 Licences Never 40%

For more information about benefits, conditions and limitations, we invite you to read the terms and conditions for the financing campaign, Referral program, reseller plan, commissions and license reservation.



The BOSSTRADER, works in the most important exchanges, however new exchanges will be added over time, among which the following stand out:

BOSSTRADER's trading history

Road map

ORIGIN: There are different automatic trading tools on the market (examples) but with the disadvantage that they were effective only in favorable scenarios in stock conditions. They did not have enough capacity to operate in adverse conditions, specific or too changing.

SOLUTION: Based on this need, it is decided to deliver to the market a software solution that emulates the intelligence of a professional trader, which It is capable of operating in the cryptocurrency stock market with sufficient knowledge and ability to generate profits in almost all market scenarios, as well as the advantage of self-learning to improve your decision-making capacity. The promise of value for this product is given in the high possibility of obtaining favorable results within the operations managed through the Bosstrader.

BENEFITS: The acquisition of the product involves two sources of income for its buyers:

GOAL: To complete the solution at 100% of the initial scope raised, $ 37,800.00 is required and will be invested in the implementation of all the improvements and functionalities that have been identified as important for traders. Additionally with those funds it will be sustained the work team, promotion websites and maintenance of required servers and databases will be paid.

AFTER-SALE INTERACTION FLOW: From week 24 all participants (promoters and investors) will receive the following rewards:

As soon as the licenses are available to the public, they will initially have a duration of 30 calendar days at a cost of $ 90 USD. For the participants, the above means an approximate saving of $ 38,000.00 (equivalent to the purchase of the license and its monthly renewal for 35 years.)

Phase 1

2020, Crowdfunding

The financing campaign will take place from January 7 2020 until February 7 2020.

Phase 2

2020, Feb 8 - 15

Analysis and socialization of the current BOSSTRADER code with the work team, designation of work and coupling of ideas. Duration 1 week.

Fase 3

2020, Feb 16 - Feb 23

Development of images that will be included in the BOSSTRADER. Duration 1 week counted from the end of phase 1.

Phase 4

2020, Feb 16 - Mar 2

Optimization of license modules and database encryption, implementation of connection improvements between the seed server and the BOSSTRADER. Duration 2 weeks counted from the end of phase 1 ..

Phase 5

2020, Feb 16 - April 4

Creation of web pages of BOSSTRADER products, and brand. Duration 8 weeks from the completion of phase 1.

Phase 6

2020, Feb 16 - July 10

Improvement of strategies with the support of the professional trader where the trader will explain to the team how the best signals are obtained and the development team will be in charge of converting all this information in code that the BOSSTRADER can use to execute its orders. Duration 23 weeks counted at the end of phase 1.

Phase 7

2020, Mar 7 - Mar 28

Adaptation of the HTML code and change of language from JADE to MUSTACHE. Duration 3 weeks counted from week 4 of having started development.

Phase 8

2020, Feb 16 - June 5

Start-up of artificial intelligence servers week 18 ..

Phase 9

2020, Jun 19 - July 10

Implementation of all changes and performance tests will begin.

Testimonials from some of our users

These are some of the testimonies delivered by active users of BOSSTRADER, which have had positive results and that have supported this project from the beginning, and they still support us so far.

Meet our team

Our team is made up of professional traders, software programmers, graphic designers, web programmers, creatives, marketing experts and social media specialists. We are master in disciplines of trading, software programming, web design, web programming, usability, web systems and technical support.

CEO team member

One step at a time!

Cryptocurrency enthusiast with over 8 years of experience trading. I've been working at the bosstrader since 2017.

Robin Ramirez
Founder & ceo
team member

The moment is now!

Computer Science Engineer with experience in advertising, marketing, sales, branding, SEO, trading, among others.

Yosuán Crespo García
Marketing Manager
team member

The future is ours!

Entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast, he has participated in the support of several projects in Latin America.

Pedro Ramírez
Delegated Advisor


New technologies

With the digital revolution it is our duty to take advantage of new technologies to obtain benefits, the BOSSTRADER is the ideal tool.

Clarisol Villa
Social media Manager
team member

Relax, think, act!

Systems engineer, with emphasis on requirements engineering, QA and coordination of software projects. Experience in research methodology and agile methodologies.

Diego Alejandro Hernandez
Functional and quality leader
team member

Dreams come true

Waiting for “the ideal moment” to take an attitude may be the reason why you are not moving forward. The time to start is now!

Jennifer Hurtado
Marketing & sales

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